Updated Review on Tastings.com on Coyote Canyon Wines

Three wines were submitted to the Beverage Tasting Institute(BTI)  in Chicago, IL.  All tastings are performed by panelists in  a room which is a dedicated tasting lab to minimize the external factors and maximize its panelist’s concentrations. The panelists’ don’t have to travel and work under the same ideal conditions morning and night.

These panelist’s are highly experienced, professional guest tasters who are either retailers, restaurateurs, or prominent writers that are knowledgeable about wines. A blind tasting methodology is used.

The 3 wines reviewed received high marks from BTI.

  • 2012 Coyote Canyon Roussanne –   92 pts GOLD
  • 2012 Coyote Canyon Viognier – 86 pts SILVER
  • 2012 Coyote Canyon Albarino – 89 pts SILVER

Lets go out and taste these wines and enjoy.

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