The Beautiful Rhine


The stunningly beautiful Rhine River Valley has long been a paradise for wine lovers. Steeped in legend and myth, in a region rich in fairytale castles, the Rhine Valley – the heartland of the Holy Roman Empire – has more castles than in any other river valley in the world. Many have survived the ravages of war, neglect and time, and stand like sentinels on the cliffs above quaint riverside villages.

Your cruise itinerary takes you through two of the most celebrated wine regions in Europe. You will sample Rieslings and other distinctive light white wines at various wineries, including some of Germany’s oldest and most renowned vineyards. Further north, savor the vin d’Alsace and explore picture-book hamlets at your leisure, meandering along narrow cobbled streets worn from centuries of use.

Wineries abound throughout the Rhine Valley and you will have many opportunities to experience the flavorful products of local viticulteurs all along the river. Back on board, relax with friends, take in the breathtaking scenery and allow yourself to slip backwards in time, pulled along by the silver thread of the gently flowing Rhine.
image002Join us on this amazing adventure!