Grape Stomp Harvest Tour & Crush Party 2013

Our 2013 Harvest Crush Party October 5.

Justin pulling sample from Viognier
Justin pulling sample from Viognier

Coyote Canyon Winery enthusiasts toured  the winery and vineyard.

1st off was meet our new wine maker Justin Michaud with a personal winery tour and tasting of grapes in fermentation.




Next the Caravan came to the vineyard where they 1st tasted Spanish grapes Albarino and Gracino while discuss centered on these varieties and growing grapes in general.








 Traveling up to the 3 crosses, discussion centered on Horse Heaven Hills, The Andrews Family, vineyard history, and the reason for the 3 crosses.

The last stop for the winey enthusiast was to look at grape harvest equipment to learn how it worked.



 The day ended with a harvest dinner party at the Barn in prosser where a vertical of coyote Canyon Syrah’s were shared from 2004, 2006 and 2008 vintages.